Saturday, December 21, 2013

22 years of bliss

Today I celebrate my wife of 22 years, my dearest Nicole.  She is my light.

Giddy attraction, to Christ, yes, and one another defined our start
Our goal was happily ever after
Young lovers' ears cannot hear of coming sacrifice and death which wisdom would impart
From "I do" thereafter

But the next pain came, at the Master's hand and it was mercy to feel His blows
Die for change and change or die
For two to become one means everything must change and two foes
Decide to forfeit separate dreams for aye

Happily ever after comes as we dream and work together, my dear
Adopting his ways is still a daily fight
Your love, obedient and selfless has overcome fear
You are my light

So Christ first, and together he has blessed beyond reason
3 mighty oaks planted in grace
Beside the river that brings fruit in His season
What joy to see Him chase

I have learned more from loving you than from any other soul
To love right and live there
And run to Jesus, making Him the finish goal
And learn His love to share

You are my life and breath and I love you now
More than life
Could have hoped I would vow
In the strife

And years till ahead for giving and living and swimming in His graces
22 have been used in His hand
And our boys have become men before our faces
And here we stand

I love you!!

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